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Our ads are digital, full color, non-fading, computer generated and are permanently absorbed into the tables through a process called “dye sublimation”.

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I wanted to let you know that even "farther away" ads work :)!! About a month or so ago a man walked into the scalehouse and happened to mention to my weigh master that he never knew we existed until he saw us on a tabletop!! Yeah! (yeah that he found us with your help/service). I walked out front and asked him which restaurant, fully expecting a Kittanning or Butler one. He replied..."Scoreboard". I was shocked. That is the one table top I did that I thought might not have been a wise choice. Ya just never know do ya?

Thanks Eric!
Kelli McGaughey
M & M Lime Co. Inc.

”Wow…what a beautiful concept”

This is a statement of my satisfaction in seeing such a quick return on my investment with Tabletop Productions.  Within 4 weeks of the tables being installed at The Main Street Diner, we experienced a customer coming into our business with the sole purpose of purchasing a water treatment system.  After purchasing it, he informed us he came here because of the advertisement he had seen on the tables at the diner.

I look forward to to seeing what will come from the next 30 plus weeks from this project.  Now I'll be participating in other table top advertising locations as well.

Thank You
George Rodgers
Agway Water Treatment
Of Western PA

 “What a great idea”

"The best part is…IT WORKS”

Just wanted to tell you that the table top ads do work.  I received a call from a customer that needed a windshield.  She had been talking with her husband at Snack 'n Pack about calling for a replacement, looked at the table, saw the ad and placed the call from the restaurant.

Thanks again for a great job!
Weicheys Auto Glass

“I can’t help but read the ads” 

“The ads are right in front of my potential customers”

I just had a customer stop in that was just at Mel's for dinner.  They said that they saw the ad on their table and decided to stop down and see what we had.  The responses from this have been very good and look forward to doing it again in the future.

Thank You
Jay Ford
FFI Landscape Supply

“Very effective form of advertising”

We have advertised on your Table Tops for several years now and just would like to say "Thank You"!  The main reason for us advertising was more so to keep our name out there.  We wanted to let our local customers know we are still here.  But about a month ago we had a lady call and say "I've seen your Advertisement on a tabletop at Mel's Pizzeria" and scheduled her inspections with our Company.  We are looking forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again.........

Thank You

Henry's Home Inspection PC

Cost is low for the length of time the ad is in the restaurant”

I just wanted to let you know that since we started advertising with your tabletops, we have gotten a ton of calls for our services.  Even after we switched our companies, we continued to receive a lot of calls.  Thank you for the opportunity to let us advertise with you.

Jen Raybuck
Raybuck's LLC